Watch my logs!

Watch remote and local PHP, Nginx, and MySQL logs in realtime

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Beautiful presentation

We render log records in a most readable, compact, and beautiful way. Built-in JSON, HTML, XML and SQL formatters are here to help.
Collage of Watch my logs screenshots with various kinds of log entries

Unlimited sources

Add as many log sources as you want. You can add multiple files or whole folder to watch the files that may be created in the future!

Filters and notifications

You may hide useless entries so they never appear in the feed. And you can setup notifications for important items, or whole file!

Remote logs

Connect to the remote server via ssh connection and monitor remote logs in real-time just like regular logs from your local filesystem!
And a few more things...
Jump to file

Jump to file

We match all file paths in log records and render them as links that you may open in your favorite editor. Click, edit, save! Works with remote logs too!


We group all duplicated log records into stacks to prevent cluttering of main window. Preserve the space to show more of important data!
Smart parser

Smart parser

Each log file is parsed from the end using incremental reads. This approach allows to get the recent entries in a blink of eye even from the biggest remote logs.
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