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PHP, Nginx, and MySQL log watcher app

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Watch my logs!
  1. upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream
  2. 411.24ms 0.00ms 2 158647
    select count(*) as translated_count, locale from `translations` group by `translations`.`locale`;
  3. variable @h6__text-transform is undefined
    • debug.log
    65| .lib-css(font-weight, @h6__font-weight); 66| .lib-css(text-transform, @h6__text-transform); 67| .lib-css(font-size, @h6__font-size);
  4. Object

What's in a box?

Unlimited Sources

Add as many log sources as you need. You can add files and folders!


You may hide useless entries so they never appear in the feed. And you can setup nofications for important stuff.


Use logger() to debug webhook request or any other background task.

And a few more things

  • Docker and Warden friendly
  • Exception trace renderer
  • HTML and XML formatters
  • Smart jump to file suggestions
  • Mixed mode for SQL inside PHP errors
  • Compact view for the long records
  • Instant log scan using incremental reads
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